lørdag 24. oktober 2009

Christian Michelsen.

På sokkelen står det : " Reist 1938"  Men hvor reiste han, og kom han tilbake?"

torsdag 22. oktober 2009

As in a fairytale. Small houses climbing the hill.

Recycling in grand style. The houses were erected based upon torn down barracks and constructions from a national fair about 90 years ago. (I have not chequed exact date). Bergensutstillingen.

That`s the houses. How about the streets, you think.

onsdag 21. oktober 2009

Toll gate.

Once fortificated with walls and guns.
Farmers had to pay toll for passing.
The whole town was walled in.

A patrisian`s house.

Once in the outskirts of Old Bergen,
protected just behind the town wall and toll gate.

War monument. 1805.

Ny tekst vil følge. Mange av titlene og forklaringer er twistet av uvelkomne "hjelp" fra en tranlation tjeneste. Hvem har noen gang spurt om det?
Dette var skrevet  på engelsk. Hvem skulle tro det??

Lille Lungegaardsvann.

Rhododendron section opens towards the lake.

mandag 19. oktober 2009

Lille Lungegaardsvann.

As night falls on, I wish you all good night.

"Beffen". (Bergens Elektriske Færgeselskab)

An almost holy part of the picture of Bergen Harbour.
Crossing the bay in 4 minutes. Once a electric povered ferry, but that`s almost 6 generations ago.Due to traditions the petname remains. ("The bef".)

søndag 18. oktober 2009

Mariakirken. Oldest remaining building in town.

This church was 350 years old - when Columbus
rediscovered Amerika.
Bulilding started soon after 1120.
Was also parish church for 400 years for the hanseatic
in Bergen.(at Bryggen).  Sermons were held in german language.

Stairs III Bryggen, Bergen.

Stairs to medival housing.
Who went here? When ?
What errand ?

Women were not allowed, so in general you
can ommit them, at least in day light.

Bryggen was for the most time inhabited by
young unmarried german workers/tradesmen
who worked here for a year or more. Connection to
Germany once or twice a year.

The cat at Bryggen.

They are all gone, but I have a couple of lives left.
I know all whereabouts. Don`t ask.